Over the last few months I have been dropping hints that I am done with blogging and have been telling my friends that I think I wanna quit at the end of the year.

My following feedback has actually been interesting, besides the ”don’t quit” or ”you have worked too hard to quit” surprisingly more of you in the industry have inboxed me saying that they feel the same.

I launched my first blog in 2015 with no expectations. I just wanted a website to share things as I was a little bored, it was more for myself then others. If someone read it, that’d be a bonus. 

When I launched, I started to get a small following, companies wanting to work with me and send me products which lead to getting invited to events. It’s all very exciting.

But I know longer feel ‘excited’ 

When I say I wanna quit, I thought I should explain myself. 


I am not a natural writer; people think I write ‘well’ and I don’t agree. I think if you know me personally, I write as I speak. But I don’t enjoy it. Sure, I get paid to write but I don’t enjoy it. I don’t just wanna be a blogger who writes for money. I don’t feel very ‘real’ doing that.


Going to events was so fun in the start. It’s ‘cool to be seen at these events’ but I can live without the fake smiles, same groups of people, fake hugs or gift bags. I don’t need to ‘network’ or care to be seen at these events anymore. Over the last year I have rejected many invites, if I have gone to an event in the last 6 months it’s because it’s an event that really truly interested me, hence why I agreed to attend. In the past I felt like I HAD TO attend in fear I would never be invited again. I work full time and if I am perfectly honest, I would rather go for a walk or sit on the couch with my man then go to events after work.


What about the money? Sure, getting paid almost $300 to hold up an ice cream is great. But I can live without that too. It’s not like I am getting $1 million an Instagram post like a Kardashian. 


I have been getting contra ‘free’ products since 2015. I can barely get through them all. I barely use half of them so I feel bad for product waste and I also think other bloggers who may really need the collab should take my place. Sorry to my friends and family I know how much you love my freebees.


It’s hard to see what is real on Instagram. It’s unfair to see the ‘new kids’ on the Instagram block socially peaking in numbers thanks to fake follower apps, follow loops and giveaways, it’s not authentic. I mean, I am apart of giveaways to grow my following and I have a few coming up.  Whether people like to hear it or not you are essentially buying a following by taking part in these giveaways.

Why not have a giveaway without asking for anything in return? Does the winner actually even get the prize or is it all fake? Who knows huh? And let me tell you we can all gain a overnight Instagram following, just join one of these giveaways https://www.curatedbusinesses.com/ I almost joined one, it was around $400 to join but I got some advice from a friend who works in PR advising me it make me look a little desperate.  Could not agree more. If you wanna grow your IG in a minute JOIN, just make sure you have the spare funds available to keep your following up. 


I just want to clarify; I am not ungrateful. I am VERY GRATEFUL for all the opportunities that have come my way along with event invites. I have loved this industry and have had some great times. It’s just gotten to that point that I am a little uninspired. I would much rather share my #walkouts or home cooked dinners to a smaller audience, things I really love and enjoy as ‘real’ as you all call me.

If I love something, I will promote it without being asked, if I continue to get asked to promote items, I will only say yes to things that EXCITE ME. Or attend an event because I want to, not have to. I really just want to say ‘yes for the right reasons’ 


I recently switched my account to private, went back to personal not business, it feels so GOOD TO NOT be judged or picked for a collab based on insights. I will switch to public when I have to (as I still have lots of collab commitments I need to get through) It just feels good and cleansing to be on private. 

So, there you have it, I just wanted to explain myself to you all and let you know I will be finishing up content commitments over the next few months and then will most likely be closing this website down. As for Instagram I am loving a private account, I know I am going to lose followers and PR companies may not want to work with me going forward but that is okay and expected.

I hope you understand my decision. 

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the honesty. I’ve loved reading your blog posts and seeing your feed!
    You helped me get started and I will forever be grateful and glad we have become friends. X

  2. You do you, Miss Z.

    I’ve been a huge follower of yours from 2015, and I have seen you go from strength to strength. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, and for always being so real.


  3. I am really proud of you girl! You’re staying true to your authentic self and I have always believed if something doesn’t set your soul on fire then you need to re-evaluate. I have definitely scaled back on my blogging compared to previous years and while I love trying new products and creating content I didn’t love the pressure I was putting on myself. I will always continue to follow and support you and your journey in whatever capacity you choose to share x

  4. I’ll always be proud of you darling. Love that you are such a genuine person that you follow what you believe!

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