There is so much talk on social media about ‘self-care’. I think at times ‘self-care’ can be at times over glamorised for the gram’.

I think it’s important to keep ‘selfcare simple’ and just take some time for yourself to do something you love.

How I practice selfcare:

  • Exercising for me is not something I have to do It’s something I want to do. Walking for me is so therapeutic
  • I love to listen to podcast’s whilst drinking a latte
  • Booking myself into a Reformer Pilates class. It’s my little hour for myself
  • Face masks, I love to apply a face mask mid-week whilst wearing a robe
  • I love to light a candle and jump into bed and watch the Kardashians. Don’t judge me!
  • I wake up pretty early on the weekends, so I treat myself to a Sunday afternoon nap and then get a start on dinner. I love cooking dinner on a Sunday without the mid-week rush
  • Reading a book
  • Comfort food like salsa corn chips & apple pie & ice-cream
  • Getting my nails done 
  • Catching up with a girlfriend for a walk
  • Deleting the Instagram app (TRY IT) so good for a few hour/day-break

So, for me it’s not fancy massages or facials it’s just doing simple things that I enjoy to #selfcare. 

I was recently gifted the Autumn box from Retreat Yourself, you basically get yourself a box filled with up to $200 worth of products, a wellness magazine and retreat day plan which you can do in a day or at your own pace.  

My favs:

Food for Health bars! Yum so good. I will be purchasing these in the near future

La’ Bang Body one can never have enough face wipes! Love that they are Vegan

Shelby’s Healthy Hedonism (guilt free snacking) 

I’m excited to try some new goodies from the box that I haven’t tried before. Winter can be cold and depressing so why not gift yourself the Winter box from Retreat Yourself Box. Each seasonal box will be different. For more information visit Retreat Yourself Box here. 

And remember to look after yourselves, not just one day a week but every day. 

How do you practice selfcare? Comment below. 

This box was kindly gifted for review purposes 

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  1. I really love this post. I put treatment In my hair and I try to do something small like face masks, nails done etc

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