Here I am again finding myself in a skincare drought. My pathetic excuse, I just got lazy and overwhelmed by products. 

So when Dr Irene reached out to me about trying out a product from her range I knew it was the perfect time to bring my skin back to life. 

Salubre was founded by Dr Irene Prantalos in 2003. Dr Prantalos was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 11 and tried everything to treat her condition but had no luck. She then turned to Chinese medicine which led to some much needed relief with her diagnoses and within two months her psoriasis was gone!

Following the healing of her psoriasis, Dr Prantalos followed her curiosity into study and spent many years immersed in a double degree of Human Biology and Chinese medicine. Today Dr Irene Prantalos owns her own practice that specialises in Chinese Medicine.

As soon as Dr Prantalos reached out, we set a time to discuss my skin concerns. Dr Prantalos recommended for me to start using the Drops of Youth ‘Elixir of Beauty’, a hydration booster that includes Co Q10 which is essential for collagen production. I got to using it straight away!

First impressions, how lux is the packaging ladies?!

I chose to use the Drops of Youth in the evening. Rather than applying it straight after the shower, I felt the only way I was going to get into a routine of applying it was to leave the bottle on my couch and apply while I was watching TV. I found this a great option as sometimes after the shower I am quite hot and find any product I apply just sweats off. 

The consistency surprised me as I thought it would be more like an oily serum which I am not really a fan of, but it was more like a liquid moisturizer that absorbed into my skin. It also has a distinct scent that always had my man saying “what’s that smell?” ha-ha

I found the Drops of Youth worked well with my skin and after using the entire bottle my face just looked better in general. Even my pigmentation spot looked a little lighter which is such a relief, and my skin didn’t look as tired or dull.

I would recommend trying the Drops of Youth especially if you feel you need some extra hydration through your day.  Not only has Dr Irene Prantalos developed her own range of skin care but her clinic specialises in treatments which include acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture and vitamin infusions. Check out her website here to make an appointment or just purchase the Drops of Youth for your Elixir of Beauty!

This post was sponsored by Salubre


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