Today we are going to talk hair extensions! Throughout my early 20s my bestie and I spent the majority of our wage on bleaching our hair and purchasing hair extensions. I was obsessed with long locks and waves. 

As my hair got quite damaged and I wanted a fresh look, a couple years back I cut my hair short and have been loving it since! I think short hair is so stylish and suits my face better. Some people may think that short hair is less maintenance but let me tell you having short hair is more work in terms of maintaining a style. I am not a fan of super long locks on me, personally, I feel like that look has had its day. 

But when I got to collab with Pure Hair Extensions on this post and mix up my look a little, I was so excited! Pure Hair Extensions are a proudly owned and operated Australian hair extensions company established in 2013 that stock everything from clip ins, salon/tape wigs and accessories. 

Picking a hair extension shade for me was a struggle as my hair has a few shades of blonde. The lovely girls at Pure Hair Extensions asked for me to send through some pictures of my hair so they could recommend a shade. 

I received a shade in the mail but sadly it was way to light/goldie for my hair and was not a good fit, so I sent them back and got sent shade #60 Lightest Blonde, I picked this myself. 

Again, when I received the extension it was way to light for my hair, so I contacted Pure Hair Extensions for some tips on how to tone my hair myself. As it was going to be a while until I visited my hair dresser, I thought I’d try a little DIY.

I was really impressed with how helpful the girls were on giving me tips to tone my hair. I thought a little purple shampoo wouldn’t hurt my hair extensions, but they sadly made some parts of my hair extensions purple which left me really stressed (this wasn’t the brands fault it was mine) ha-ha. I think I was just too excited to play hair dresser again.

After a few washes I managed to get the purple out. Anti-dandruff shampoo such as head and shoulders worked wonders as It acts to strip the oils, therefore stripping colour. So, it may wash away some of the toner as advised by the lovely Jodi. 

The colour still was not a great match to my hair sadly as I recently went a little darker with my toner and it’s going to be another few weeks till I get to my hairdresser (I plan on taking them with me and getting them toned to match my hair so I can wear these on the regular and not damage them myself.

I received the 16 inch: 120 grams of hair that has 8 pieces of 100% human hair. I was so impressed with the hair extension quality. The clips were really secure, and the thickness of the hair was incredible. I love the length as it adds just enough length to my hair to mix up my look for special occasions. 

I personally think if you have one shade of colour in your hair (brown, black) picking a hair shade would be simpler but for me it’s just a little more of a struggle. In no way do I blame Pure Hair Extensions, they have been so lovely and patient with me. I also think their prices are really great in comparison. 

I can’t wait to have the hair coloured to match my current hair so stay tuned on a follow up post. 

To find out more about Pure Hair Extensions visit their website here

This post was sponsored by Pure Hair Extensions

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