FACE HALO.. first impressions

You must be living under a rock if you have not heard about Face Halo. It’s something that I constantly see on my Instagram and hear about on beauty podcast’s with raving reviews about how it’s a ‘game changer’. Chloe Morello loved it so much she joined forces with the company.

When I received a Face Halo pack at the Priceline event, I could not wait to try it out for you all as I am constantly running out of wet wipes. I thought this would be a convenient must have in my bathroom. I have been using a similar product from Manicare since receiving it in Feb of last year which I’ve loved but It was time to chuck it out and use something new. 

What is a Face Halo? 

A microfiber makeup remover that requires no soap, cleanser or makeup remover etc.- just water!

How to use a Face Halo: 

All you need is water and a face Halo and start wiping off your makeup and excess dirt from your face. 

First impressions:

As mentioned a million times on my blog, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but last Saturday night I wore liquid liner and lashes so thought it’d be the perfect time to try out my Face Halo.

I started with my face and could clearly see my foundation being removed with ease and it felt great on my skin. When it came to my eyes it took a few wipes to get my eyeliner and mascara off. My eyes felt really irritated so I stopped as I don’t like to apply much pressure around my eyes.

The next morning, I used the Face Halo again on my eyes to remove the excess mascara from the night before and I still had dark residue. The mascara I was using was IT Cosmetics superhero elastic stretch volumizing which was not waterproof so I was a little disappointed with the outcome of my eyes.

I think as the Face Halo is round it was hard for me to get into the corner of my eyes and under the eye. 

Over all thoughts

I will continue to use my Face Halo in the shower with a cleanser to wash off my foundation when I wear it, but it will mainly be used for the day’s dirt and residue which I think will be great for my skin. As for my eyes I don’t think I will use my Face Halo if honest. I find a makeup remover or my cleanser in the shower works best for when I wear mascara.  

I was impressed with how easy it was to wash your Face Halo, check out this video

Face Halo retails for $30 at Priceline and comes in a pack of three. Sounds a little pricy but keep in mind if you were to buy packs of makeup wipes that get chucked straight in the bin and can’t be reused again, as for Face Halo you can simply chuck it into the wash and reuse over and over again. I recently saw on Chloe Morells Insta story Woolies now stock a single pack for around $13 (got your back ladies & gents) 

The number one question I got via my Instagram DM was ‘does it work’ and yes it does. I wouldn’t NOT recommend the product just because of a little excess mascara, this can be easily fixed with a little product even though it defeats the purpose. I think it’s still a good addition to have in your beauty routine and is so much better for the environment. 

Have you tried Face Halo? What were your first impressions? Comment below. 

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