There is no secret that I love to fake tan. When I flew to Sydney for a Priceline event my eyes almost popped out of my head when I noticed a tanning company called b.tan. The tanning bottles had fun captions on them like ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’, ‘fake it till you make it’ and ‘tanned AF’. I just loved it and could not wait to try these out.

I was gifted the 9-minute ‘aint nobody got time for that’ pre shower tan. My inbox lite up when I shared that I was putting to it to the test. As much as I love tanning, I hate sleeping in my tan due to my white sheets turning orange, so the idea of being tanned in 9 minutes and have clean white sheets was very appealing.

How to use:

Get naked and apply tan with a b.tan mitt. Wait 9 minutes (or longer if you like it a little darker) as stated on bottle and rinse with lukewarm water for 45 mins.

The first time I applied the tan I left the tan on for around 15 mins and showered. It was easy to apply but went on my skin greenish/black. When I came out of the shower I didn’t notice much of a difference in colour and I did two coats so I was a little disappointed but wanted to give it another go before I could really comment.

The second time I applied the tan for exactly 9 mins (I timed it) and jumped in the shower and rinsed it off as directed and sadly got barely any colour.

I was really annoyed as

  1. I was not tanned
  2. I really wanted to believe I could be #tannedAF in 9 mins
  3. My sheets were going to be forever a dirty shade of white

My friend Jess and fellow Instagram blogger used the same tan for around twenty minutes and had such a beautiful colour. So, I was determined to try it again as I am no quitter and you know from my previous post, I am a self-proclaimed #tanorexic.

I went back to my old tricks and applied two coats, slept in the 9-minute tan and washed it off the following morning. Success! We had colour. My upper body and arms looked great and had a natural tanned colour but my legs didn’t take as well as I would like (but this usually happens on my legs for some reasons) I really loved the colour on my arms it looked so natural in day light.

before and after

My tan has lasted over the last five days and hasn’t gotten flaky like some tans do. I am disappointed I didn’t get any colour in 9 mins but am happy that I can get a natural tan overnight. You might get some colour in 9 mins or longer, but I found I had to sleep in it to get any colour.

b.tan 9 min pre shower tan retails for $14.99 and is vegan friendly, paraben free and has no gross tan smell or nasties.

Sadly, this tan didn’t work so well for my skin, but results will vary for each individual. When my tanning collection runs out, I would love to try the ‘I want the darkest tan possible’ the darker the better for moi!

Check out b.tan here 

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