I was kindly gifted the multivitamin & growth bundle from Bondi Boost to feature on my blog. I was keen to try these products and give you all an honest post. I have seen a bunch of impressive before and after pics on my IG feed and received positive feedback from friends so could not wait to try it out for myself, especially as my hair has been suffering from some breakage which has been stressing me out.

The bundle includes

1 x BondiBoost™ Hair Growth Support – Multivitamin

1 x BondiBoost™ Hair Growth Shampoo (250ml)

1 x BondiBoost™ Hair Growth Conditioner (250ml)

1 x BondiBoost™ Miracle Mask

1 x BondiBoost™ Intensive Growth Spray

1 x BondiBoost™ Elixir Oil

Let’s get into it, shall we?

How to/steps

Step 1: Elixir Oil

As I usually wash my hair on a Sunday, I like to apply the Elixir Oil before bed. You basically apply on the roots to ends. I found a little product goes a long way. If you can’t leave it in your hair overnight, 15 mins before you shampoo is fine. The Elixir Oil is a pre shampoo treatment with all the good stuff in it like Jamaican black castor oil, argan oil and coconut oil which calms frizz and soothes split ends.

Step 2: HG Shampoo/Conditioner

First impressions I did not like the shampoo, I found It left my hair real dry and full of knots. I found I had to use a lot of product to make it more manageable. The shampoo did grow on me after a few tries with the product. As for the conditioner I really loved the texture and how smooth it made my hair. Bondi Boost recommend using the shampoo 3 times per week for optimal results I used it twice a week

Step 3: HG Miracle Mask

I love this hair treatment! It smells incredible and just feels so good on my hair! Perfect for a Sunday pamper session. I have finished the entire tub and have also used it on my tangled hair extensions. Highly recommend investing in this tub of goodness and adding it to your weekly hair care routine.

Step 4: HG Intensive Spray

For my hair I would say this is the hero product. As I am guilty of not taking care of my hair as much as I should. Once I have towel dried my hair, I spray my hair with the HG intensive spray. I also spray my hair with it daily. I find it helps my hair look shinier and healthier in general.

So, did my hair grow?

Below is a realistic before and after of my hair. My hair did grow which I am pleased to see. I always feel as though my hair doesn’t grow, but over the last few weeks I have noticed that I can now tie my hair into a bun. My regrowth has also come out even quicker which shows evident hair growth.

Left: Feb 26th Right: April 3rd

As I let my hair dry naturally, I have noticed that my hair looks stronger, my frizz has been tamed and my roots look more alive. I have also noticed the ends of my hair look healthier and when I style my hair the overall appearance just looks better in general. I have noticed my breakage around the fronts of my hair have really settled.

As I have bleached hair, I have to use a purple shampoo once a week and can really feel a difference in my hair when I don’t use my Bondi Boost products.

I didn’t use the hair growth support and, in all honesty, I forgot to take my supplements but I  passed then on to a girlfriend who needs some hair growth support.

I think Bondi Boost is a great product to try and if your hair is suffering, it’s worth a shot. They are also 100% cruelty free, vegan and made in Australia. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee policy.

The pack retails for $179.99 but you can buy each product separately. For more information visit Bondi Boost here

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell

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  1. Wow!! Your results are amazing! You can definitely see a huge difference in your before and after shots! I definitely need to give this a go! Thank you for sharing x

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