It’s time to talk about something that is so close to my heart. Fake tanning. YES, I am a tanorexic and proud. I always get told that I have olive skin like my dad, but I think I know my skin better than anyone. I am white like my mama!

I have tried to tan in the sun and sadly tanning in the sun does not leave me with a gorgeous olive glow. My skin burns and leaves me with lovely freckles, so tanning in the sun all day is something I no longer want to do because I don’t want to damage my skin, and I’m in my 30s and should be more responsible in the sun, right? If I lay out in the sun I am lathered in SPF, a gorg kaftan, large hat and cocktail in hand. Sounds glamourous? Nope just my take on sun smart.

During Summer I have been busy trialling a bunch of tans which were all kindly sent to me for review purposes. So, rather then fill up my Instagram feed and look like an advertorial, I thought I would put together my top 5 tans and thoughts on each below.

Tan Tootie Self-Tanning Mousse

Tan Tootie is a mousse-based tan that is scented with coconut and mango. During summer I have constantly gotten comments from my friends saying it looks like a real tan, my dad even asked if I got it done professionally as the colour is incredible. Can’t afford to get a tan in Bora Bora? Don’t worry, me neither. But why need to when you can have a Bora Bora tan in bottle I say. Shop here

Ella Baché Great Tan Without Sun

I didn’t really like this instant tanning cream as I felt that it was quite oily and really hard to apply on my body. As for the colour it was a little orange and left a few streaks on my legs. Clearly did not agree with my skin. It has super cute packaging but is a little pricy. Shop here

Ella Baché Great Facetan Without Sun

As I didn’t have much luck with the above product this tanning product for the face has been a lifesaver. As you know I don’t wear any make up to work so most of the time my body is tanned but my face is white as snow leaving me looking run down and sick. I like to mix a squirt of this face tan into my moisturiser as it gives me an instant glow that is dry by the time I get to work. I like to use this a few times a week. Shop here

JERGENS Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturiser Medium to Tan

I love this product. I find it works great when I have applied a mousse tan then want to keep my colour as this really adds to my tans longevity and keeps my skin moisturised. I haven’t used it on non-tanned skin as I am rarely ever not tanned haha. Shop here

BONDI SANDS Mini Dark Foam

Who doesn’t love Bondi Sands? It is such an Australian tanning icon. One of the OGs and now available in a mini which Is sooo cute! I like this tan but find I need to apply around 2 coats to get my desired colour even with the ‘dark’ blend. The colour always comes out really natural but I find I need to apply another coat the next day. I did tell you I was a tanorexic. I love that Bondi Sands have created minis, so good for upcoming travels. Shop here

BONDI SANDS Mini Tan Eraser

I have never tried a tan eraser before. It’s one of those things I always said I needed to buy especially in between laser hair removal appointments as I often miss them because I am lathered in fake tan, so, I was excited to try this one. I always get disgusting fake tan marks on my feet from shoes. I find this formula works with fake tan removal, but you also really need to use an exfoliating mitt to scrub the excess off. (also, now available in a cute little mini) Shop here

Have you tried any of the above? Are you a tanorexic?

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell / Artwork @joshmendezona

18 Responses

  1. I’m already pretty tan without the tanning lol (!) so I haven’t tried any of these. I love to try products with glow though, they make your skin look gorgeous.

  2. I am the same, I just burn in the sun and I’m from south Florida! We’ve always been lathered in sunscreen, and even more after my dad had melanoma a few years ago. I have tried the Jergens before on non-tanned skin and it worked ok for me.

  3. I have natural tan skin but also like using tanning products during warmer months. It is better than getting my skin ruined by the sun. Will check out the ones you recommended. Thank you.

  4. Great recommendations but I am not very keen of introducing my skin to tanning products. I feel that just keeping it simple makes your skin healthy and fresh. We get a lot of sun so tanning is never an issue.

  5. Haha, nope, have not tried any of these. I too am already olive-glowing without tanners, and have not had good luck with fake tan products in the past. But if I ever want to try that again, I will def check this post!

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