As some of you know, over the last few years I have had many home moves. From moving out of my parents’ home, to moving back, to sleeping on my friend’s couch, to renting and to buying. I’ve done it all in the last 10 years.

As I have recently moved home again, I realised I had picked up a few tips along the way and thought I would share with those who may be in the same boat.

So here you have it ladies, some tips I’ve learnt about how to manage living in a temporary home which is perfect if your moving, renting or building.

Start by sorting

Before the move to your temporary home sort your stuff! There will be a few different categories to sort.

These were mine.

Give away: All the stuff I realised I didn’t need anymore and did not want to bring to the new house. I simply donated to charity, gave to my friends or sold online.

Store: All the stuff I love but will not fit or need in the temporary home I left in my mums’ garage.

Need: All the things I will need in my temporary home.

If you start with these categories well before you move it will make it so much easier and less stressful.

Store your big items

Planning for what you will need while you are going to be in a temporary situation is tough. There is a good chance the time frame of living in your temporary home may change and the temporary home may be smaller than you are used to. In this case, when moving to your temporary home it is a good idea to put away all the larger items in storage (unless they are a necessity). This helps to keep the temporary home clutter and stress-free. Getting these items to storage can get tricky, Hire A mover is a great company with friendly professionals that can help move the big awkward and fragile things.

Feeling comfortable in the space

Now that you have all your belongings organised, stored and or ready to come with you, it is time to make your temporary home feel like your home. Style your space carefully, you don’t want to unbox everything but do bring out your favourites! Whether it’s one week or one year, living somewhere and not feeling at home is not nice. Allow yourself to relax and bring a bit of yourself into the space. I love doing this with smells like my favourite candle. This helps me to bring a sense of home through scent.

Focus on the exciting

It is easy to feel the stress of building and moving but I’ve learnt to try and focus on what is important and live in the moment. The reason you are in a temporary home is because you have new exciting things ahead! Focus on that! Treat this temporary home like a little holiday leading into an exciting new life.

 “Sometimes home isn’t four walls, it’s two eyes and a heartbeat”


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