First things first: I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and is ready for the New Year ahead!

​If you read my last blog post, you would have seen that I gave myself four weeks off from posting content on my blog. Due to some amazing collaboration opportunities, I had to start content a little earlier than planned, yet I couldn’t be more grateful. ​

​It’s time to get my #girlboss on for 2019 and get writing for you all. However, before we get into work-mode, I really wanted to take the time to share some personal goals that I have set for the year regarding money, fitness and health, business, friends, and relationships.


​This year, I really want to stick to a budget. I say that every year but this time around, I put my big girl pants on and created a quick Excel spreadsheet so I can determine exactly where my money is going. I plan on paying off my Afterpay, Zip Pay, and the little amount I have left on my credit card. The only debt I want is my mortgage. ​

​My financial mottos for this year are: ​

  1. Don’t go broke trying to look rich ​
  2. There is no point having a designer bag with no money in it ​
  3. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Save for it. (SO much more satisfying for me personally.)
  4. Pay yourself first, then all your bills! (This is something mama always told me!)

Fitness + Health​

​2018 was a huge year for me, with losing 15kgs. This year, I really want to try new fitness classes as now that I have lost all that weight, I need to tone up some bits (haha). I’m going to try new healthy recipes, remain at a healthy weight of 53kg, and continue to #walkout with you all and build a community of walkers. ​

Say ‘I DO’​

​Every family function, I get some new update regarding my own wedding… so YOU HEARD IT FROM THE BRIDE HERSELF: in, 2019 I want to get married. Does that mean ‘elope’ – just the two of us – or have a small intimate wedding? I can’t confirm that one just yet as we are still undecided, but in 2019 I want to be a MRS. Stay tuned.


​For years, I invested in some friendships that I now look back on and can see how toxic they were. You may not always get the apology you deserve from others and that is okay. I stumbled upon this quote the other day that I want to share with you: “Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got.” I can totally relate to this. When I am wrong, I can admit it – sadly, some people can’t.

​In the past, so many people had wanted to catch up with me and I had my mental health issues going on (which many generally understood but some used it against me). I didn’t want to hang out with some people because they were too nice, or I could not be bothered. How pathetic on my part! ​

​Instead, I would always make time for those toxic people. You want to be liked so badly by these people, but you can’t even be yourself. Having to agree with everything they said just to feel like I fit in with them just took its toll on me. I have been treated so badly by so many individuals and I won’t ever let that happen again. I have no problem cutting people off. They are now irrelevant. ​

Those people who I pushed to the side, I plan on catching up with as they never gave up on me. Thank you. I look forward to reconnecting with some old friends this year. ​

Business goals ​

​I have a regular job. I have a boss who pays me a wage. So, how am I a #girlboss when I work for someone, right? Wrong. YES, I have a full-time job but I also have my side hustle: my blog/ Instagram. I never thought of myself as a #girlboss until a couple of weeks ago when I realised ZERINHASSAN is my brand. This is my business. I am a girl/woman boss. Whilst some people might have a problem with me getting paid to advertise a product on my Instagram or write about something on my blog or even get paid a fee to attend an event (yep you read right: with my little following of 7k I got paid a fairly large amount recently to attend an event!) this is my job.

I just want to grow with you all. I want to share my highs and lows. I am not afraid to say no to collaborations; I am not afraid to ask for payment for a collaboration. I am not intimidated by bloggers/influencers with higher followings.

Slowly and steadily (and organically!), my following is growing. I would love to hit 10k by December this year, but I don’t think it will change my life, if I am perfectly honest. If it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too – a number on an app does not define me. I’ll just keep doing my thing at my pace. I am the boss, after all. ​

And just the little things …

  • ​​Keep my car clean. Do I really need 5 pairs of shoes in there at a time?​
  • Read more (I’ve currently read three books in the month of Jan and loving it.) ​
  • Have the family over for dinner more! I love cooking. ​
  • Be more patient​.
  • Don’t be so hard on myself​.
  • Finally, attend to those things I keep saying I want to take care of, like that annoying scar in between my eyebrows lol
  • Attend a Roxy Jacenko seminar. She’s the ultimate #girlboss, right? ​
  • To put more pride in the way I look. On my Instagram feed, I always look put together but most of the time I look like Amanda Bynes during her meltdown stages (a reference I always use!) BUT it’s the truth. #workingonit ​
  • Donate to as many charities as I can.
  • Go overseas​.
  • More self-love​.

​So there you have it: a look into some of my goals for the year! I thought I would keep my vision board private but if you’re looking for some vision board inspiration, check out this beautiful video by one of my fav YouTubers. ​

​What are your goals for 2019?

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Maree Mikhaiel

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  1. Well, you certainly sound like a lady who definitely has things all together for the year and I love your confidence and determination. Just from reading this, I feel there is little doubt that you will be successful because you have a positive state of mind. Positive in reconciling your past and positive in moving forward with plans. I wish you all the very best.

  2. That are some amazing goals you’ve set for yourself!! My #1 goal is to NOT get a job, haha. Left my 9-5 i November and am gonna go at it on my own – blogging & consulting. So this year is all about that!

  3. A lot of my goals this year revolve around professional opportunities and my blog. I began two new jobs between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 and want to continue building my skillsets and client lists. And also begin incorporating several new kinds of content on the blog this year!

  4. I hope you will have a 2019 as you are imagining it. For me, it’s always bills first. Not paying bills leads to bad credit which leads to financial trouble. So always bills first. 🙂

  5. These are great goals! I definitely need to focus on my budget this year too. And that’s so exciting about getting married!! Elope or big wedding, either way will be so special!

    1. BUDGETS are sooo annoying! But so much clearer for the bigger picture!! ha-ha I go old school and use Excel! Easiest!
      Awe I already feel married so it’s just a party! I like the idea of just eloping between two people. How special.

  6. Wow, it looks like 3019 is going to be filled with lots of exciting things for you! A lot of my goals are the same – work, travel, save.

  7. Wow, sounds like you really have a wonderful 2018 and I am wishing you to fulfill all your goals on this year.
    I have a lot of goals this 2019 some of them are to be more organize, spend time with my family and to make time to myself.

  8. I love these goals because mine are very similar! Having a designer bag with no money makes no sense lol. My only question is how do you accumulate shoes in your car?

  9. I love your money mottos. So many people find themselves in money troubles, including myself at one time, because we do not have a “plan” for our money. A lack of plan can cause us to spend more then we have or spend for the wrong reasons. Thanks for sharing.

  10. These are such amazing goals. It’s so inspiring to see people striving to reach big goals and achieving them also. I hope you have a fantastic year and it’s just as or if not better than last year! 🙂

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