If you follow me on the gram you would have noticed me get my gut and thighs frozen off.

I have gotten into more detail of the treatment on previous blog posts and will link below but for now a quick recap.

Lipo freeze is a non-invasive fat removal treatment that is clinically proven to reduce fat. Basically a fancy machine does all the work, you just lay down and think about all the fat in stubborn areas that will soon disappear. Is it cold you’re wondering? Since it has the word ‘freeze’ in it right? Yes it’s cold but you will be kept warm with a blanket. I promise. Does it hurt? I felt a little pinch but besides that no pain and no downtime at all.

For a more in-depth read on what lipo freeze is and how it works check out Smart Skin Clinics here

So I got my first treatment in 2017 on both my thighs and stomach area. My first treatment was March 2017 and then ‘life got busy’ and I was shattered as I really wanted to stick it out but at that time I wasn’t making myself a priority.

I am really bad at sticking to appointments, if I am honest, so it took me a minute to get myself together. But I finally did and received treatments in January, Feb and July 2018! Go me sticking to appointments.

I have seen a significant difference in both my thigh and stomach areas. I love when the therapist tells me I don’t have much to freeze up.

My thighs have always been a massive insecurity for me, believe me they still are, but when I see the before and after shots I am telling myself ‘girl you got nothing to be insecure about’

Excuse the bad fake tan on my feet (LOL)

I have changed my lifestyle food wise and walking is my only form of exercise, so like anything if you’re trying to trim down, diet and exercise is key to reaching your goals. But lipo freeze is now a part of keeping me looking my best and something I will continue to do as part of my overall lifestyle change.

I’ve seen results with lipo freeze, I have received so many compliments and lipo freeze at Smart Skin Clinics has been a part of my journey and I am forever thankful. If you’re thinking of getting lipo freeze I would highly recommend sticking to appointments and not leaving it as long as I did the first time. Full visible results can be expected in 12 weeks after treatment. Treatments should be between 4-6 weeks apart for full benefits.

Also you probably think these treatments cost a fortune, I promise you they don’t! Smart Skin Clinics also offer Zip Pay which I love! And if you’re wondering, yes I was given a few free treatments in exchange of a blog post, BUT I have paid for this treatment myself as I really believe in it.

I plan on getting more lipo freeze on my thighs in different areas along with my back fat! I hate back fat! haha

Catch up on my past post below:

Thanks for all the support Kate and the incredible team at Smart Skin Clinics

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell

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