If you keep up with my blog you would have seen that I recently made $1000 from an app called TRIBE, simply by uploading images on my Instagram. Catch up on my post here

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ben who is a content manager at TRIBE. Enjoy my Q&A below.

Let’s go back to humble beginnings, how did the concept for TRIBE come together?

TRIBE was founded by Jules Lund, as a former TV/Radio host- He’d been working with brands to create content for social media and found the workflow extremely clunky, so he flipped the script and created an app to simplify it for both brands and influencers. Here’s how it works it under 60 seconds.

Do you have to be a ”blogger/influencer’ to join TRIBE?

Anyone is free to download the TRIBE app, but to submit to campaigns you need to be verified, our verification benchmark is a following of 3000 or more on your social accounts.

For those thinking of joining TRIBE what would be your best advice?

Just be yourself! TRIBE is about creating content for brands that you already know and love. This leads to better content for brands, as well as genuine advocacy. Be smart about the briefs you choose and pick the ones that match your lifestyle.

What has been your most favourite campaign and why?

We’ve run over 9,000 campaigns for brands now so I really wouldn’t know how to split them sorry! There’s such a variety too, they just seem to be getting bigger and better.

When submitting to a campaign what would be your top three tips?

The top 3 tips to help creators get approved are definitely

  1. Read the brief properly! (All the do’s and don’ts, understand what the brand is after)
  2. Know the brand’s style, look up their hashtags to get a feel for the type of content they like, what tone of voice they fit to.
  3. Take a variety of shots. It’s good to have a few variations for the brands to choose from, but also take some without the product. That way if you don’t get approved you’ve still got content you can use for your feed.

So, there you have it! Bet your feeling inspired to join TRIBE today. Thank you so much to Ben and the team at TRIBE for all the continued support.

See you all on the gram.

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell

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