My Medisum Review

Back in August I went away for 5 days to Queensland with my partner for a business trip. I was a little nervous about traveling and putting on weight. I always overate on holidays, who doesn’t love a big breakfast?

As I have been so committed and disciplined to a healthier lifestyle I knew I had to keep at it whilst on holiday, especially when we were going to be driving around most of the time and not getting a lot of cardio in our days.

Either good timing or the universe quietening my fears, I received a natural weight management product by Medisum prior to leaving for my trip. Medisum sent me the TRIM 1+1 (fat eraser + carb remover), now who doesn’t want their fat and carbs removed? I SURE DO!

Whilst following the Medisum program I still made sure I was being mindful of what I was eating and found I was less peckish during the day. As I was on the road all day, options were limited, but I made simple swaps that I believe made a huge difference whilst travelling.

How the Trim 1+1 works: 

FAT Eraser uses four active ingredients to boost weight management by:

  • Reducing fat digestion and absorption
  • Boosting fat burning or thermogenesis
  • Providing antioxidant activity
  • Suppressing stress-induced overeating

CARB Remover also has four active ingredients which enhance weight management by:

  • Reducing carbohydrate digestion and absorption
  • Promoting satiety and decreasing hunger
  • Promoting gastrointestinal health
  • Reducing gastrointestinal discomfort

How to use as directed by Medisum website:

FAT ERASER: Take 2 tablets twice daily with main meals. Drink plenty of water. Take the tablets 1 hour after any other medication as the active ingredient chitosan may have an effect on other medication.

CARB REMOVER: Take 1 sachet twice daily 15 minutes before lunch and dinner. Mix the powder with 250ml of cold or warm water, mix well and drink immediately.

One box last’s around a month and I didn’t put any weight on or lose weight during my time away nor over the remainder of the program. As I was not trying to lose weight, being able to maintain my weight was great especially with the travelling.

TRIM 1+ 1 can help you lose up to 2–6 kg in a month in combination with a reduced calorie diet and sufficient physical activity. You may see changes as early as 4 weeks if you follow all the instructions. More FAQs can be found here

I still eat carbs on the regular, so the carb remover clearly worked for me. The carb remover doesn’t look very appealing when you mix it, but it doesn’t taste like anything. Just make sure you shake/mix well.

Overall I had a positive experience with Medisum TRIM 1+1 and love that it’s plant based and natural. To find out more visit Medisum here

Always seek professional advice before starting any weight loss drug or diet to ensure this is right for you.

This post was sponsored by Medisum

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell

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