Sex, Weights & Meal Replacement Shakes

Now I got your attention ha?

My following requested to see more health related content on my socials so I was thrilled when Formulated For You (F4U) reached out to collaborate with me. 

I have tried a few meal replacements in my day, but if I am completely honest I have never really stuck them out. The old me was very uncommitted to any diet/lifestyle change. If you are trying to lose weight I would highly recommend F4U meal replacements as I do believe they work.

I worked with a man a few years back and he had lost a significant amount of weight from meal replacements, you can see all the amazing transformations on @formulatedforyou Instagram page.

If you are thinking of a meal replacement option to lose weight, F4U meals are scientifically formulated to aid weight loss using a blend of premium ingredients with only 204 Calories.

As I am not trying to lose any weight but maintain my weight, a meal replacement is a good option for lunch for me or when I am on the go. I like to keep a pack in my car for emergency cravings. They really have been keeping me full until my next meal. They are so easy to make, simply mix one meal replacement with 250ml of icy cold water or your favourite milk in a F4U protein shaker and enjoy! I love both the vanilla malt and choc cacao.

F4U also have Smoothie boosters and pure boosters available on their website. Don’t just take my word for it though, check out their website, there are plenty of testimonials from others who have tried F4U too.

If you love smoothies just as much as I do, you too will love F4U.

This post was sponsored by Formulated For You

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell

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  1. Firstly you look great. Secondly I would love to try these. Can you have them with milk as I find milk more filling then water. Thanks for sharing.

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