The good, the bad and the ugly of my turning 30

So, I recently turned the big 30. For many 30 is a milestone, for me turning 30 was just another day. If you expect to see 30 foil balloons on this blog post you have come to the wrong place.  

If you’re a close friend of mine, you would know since my engagement party experience… I suffer from a little anxiety when it comes to planning events. I fear something going wrong or someone hurting me. Reason being, it seems every ‘milestone’ something negative happens. A true story I have no time to relive with you all. My wall is up for a good reason! Therefore, I keep delaying my wedding. I am afraid from experience.

Anyways the thought of having a party with a bunch of guests who will complain over how many canapes are served is not for me. I’d rather spend the money I’d spend on a party on a designer bag or holiday… guess what I got both he-he.

I guess when you’re an ‘instagrammer’ you have all these expectations to throw a lavish party for the gram. To be honest I think people are now having all these lavish parties more for the gram than themselves. Sure, I picked some suppliers for my engagement party cause ya know it’s what’s cool on Instagram, but they cost me a mini fortune and really was not worth it in my opinion.

I warned my friends and my partner not to surprise me with anything, they know they would have been killed if they tried. I was literally birthday zilla on the Friday.

My actual birthday may not have been to other people’s expectations, but it wasn’t anyone else’s birthday but mine! I spent the morning running around the city looking for a dress to wear to a wedding the next day only to wear the dress that was hanging in my wardrobe, a girls gotta have options, right? I then got stuck in traffic and received a not so great spray tan.

The good, the bad and the ugly of my turning 30: 

  • I put efforts and money into a lot of individuals I love but sadly, a few really let me down. I guess not everyone is generous like me. I don’t gift to receive but it’s just the principle. I could go on and on but going forward, I will treat you how you treat me, and not feel bad about it.
  • I received text msg’s from people I did not expect to receive a text from which was such a lovely surprise.
  • I received gifts from individuals I would never expect to gift me anything. Bless your cotton socks. So thankful.
  • I surprisingly received a gift from a person who has been rather unkind to me. I sent it back. Ain’t nobody got time for mean girls in their 30’s.
  • Individuals who I say happy birthday to can’t even inbox me on Instagram after viewing my story clearly seeing it’s my birthday, they can’t direct msg me to say happy birthday. Instagram politics hey? It’s just common courtesy.

My 30th may have had a negative start to it (which was also my fault) BUT it defo redeemed itself in the end.

I had a lovely weekend and a week later my best friend got back from London for a few weeks, so off course we danced and drank the night away like we did in our 20s. I had a romantic dinner with my man on the Sat and Sunday and the girls surprised me at my house which was super cute. But I HATE surprises ladies, LOL. Followed by another dinner with my family. What more could a girl want?

At 30 I have everything I’ve ever wanted, my family, an amazing partner, my health and a handful of friends. Nothing else matters. My 30s will be spent on me improving myself, this will be my selfish decade where I put myself first and make me a priority.

Big love to each individual who tried to make my birthday a special one, you know who you are. I know I have been extra with a side of full moon over the last few weeks. I love you.

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  1. I loved this personal look into your life! Posts like this are my favorite to read because I feel like I get an insight into another’s life that I otherwise may not.

    Here’s to 30 years!


    1. Thanks lovely. I have received so many inboxes on Instagram saying how relateable it is. Which surprised me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and kind words x

  2. I turn 29 this month and just got engaged too this year! My fiancé and I have an almost 6 year old together, so it’s been a long time coming. But as for our wedding- we are only inviting the closest family and friends. I am not even inviting my cousins because there are just too many of them. It shouldn’t feel like a broadway production or that you have to keep everyone happy and entertained. We just bought a house and are having an intimate wedding in our backyard next year. I totally get the feeling of anxiety when it comes to planning large events like this. But if you really want a wedding and just not the whole stress of it, maybe consider something super small and simple? Just a thought ! 😀

    1. Happy Birthday and Congratulations. That sounds like a perfect wedding. I would love to do something like that. A wedding should be between two people but that is not always the case. You would enjoy it so much more small intimate and you would save so much money. I wish you all the best with your wedding. Please write a wedding post so I can check it out. Appreciate the time you took to write to me x

  3. Absolutely amazing to read babe!! So proud of the woman you are and the woman you’re becoming! You have an amazing heart and only deserve the best and whoever doesn’t like it they know where to go. Love you xx

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