Sunday Sesh With V&M

Sunday sessions for me used to follow a few nights out drinking, Alumbra on a Sunday was my idea of a good Sunday session. It used to be so much fun! Ah the good old days, who remembers getting home by 2am and having work at 9? How did we do it? 

Now, my Sunday sessions look a lot more like long walks, catch up with friends, lattes and a few chores in between.

Recently I was reminded of something I had stopped doing on Sunday’s, having a bath. I love to have baths, they are so soothing to the body and the mind. What reminded me was the gorgeous V&M team who sent me the most beautiful lavender bath milk! I felt so lucky to try it out. How pretty does it look in these pics I took? Ah so insta-worthy hey?

The smell of lavender drifted out of the box before I had even opened it! If the smell could get through a screen I would have done an unboxing for sure.

V&M lavender bath milk instructions are easy:

  1. Fill your bath with warm water
  2. Add ½ cup of the V&M lavender bath milk into the bath
  3. Get in and enjoy!

This was defiantly the prettiest bath I’ve had and all in the comfort of my own home. My skin felt amazing.

Whilst in my bath I did some research, mostly on the V&M website, but I found there were many benefits of soaking in the V&M lavender bath milk:

  • The lavender soothes the skin while the milk gently breaks down dead skin cells
  • The V&M lavender bath milk includes magnesium which helps sooth sore muscles and is a great relaxer for leg cramps
  • Lavender calms the senses
  • AND, if you sufferer from eczema the lavender bath milk is incredibly soothing to the skin

There is nothing more calming then relaxing in a bath on a Sunday with a hair mask, who agrees?

Now, as I know my days with a bath are numbered and I realised I needed this lavender bath milk in my life, always! I found no bath, no problem, the V&M lavender bath milk is perfect for a foot soak.


  1. Grab a wash basin from Kmart ($3 shop here)
  2. Fill it with warm water and add 2 teaspoons of the lavender bath milk
  3. Soak your feet (your feet will be so soft and ready for Summer)

Other great uses for the lavender bath milk are:

  • Hand soak, if you’re into DIY manicures or just love the feel of silky-smooth hands
  • Use in the shower as an exfoliator and gently massage lavender buds into skin to release more lavender oil
  • Make lavender soap, who remembers my DIY over at ? Check it out here

Bet you’re all dying to have a bath now, right? I can’t say I blame you! It was just what I needed to start the working week. Need the V&M lavender bath milk in your life? Shop here.

To check out more from V&M catch up on my post below (their shampoo and conditioner are amazing!)

Now I am done taking photos of being in the bath and uploading it on my IG story (what a sad world we live in) it’s time to chill. Later beauties.

This post was sponsored by V&M Lifestyle
Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell

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