Welcome back to my weight loss journey.

If you follow my blog you would have read all about my weight gain, weight loss, experience on Duromine, my exercise routine and what I have been eating.

So, what’s left??

The aftermath of skinny shaming that’s what!

I find it so frustrating that when you lose weight there are some real meanies out there who just can’t be nice. Some people of late have really ruffled my feathers so to speak.

Rather than make a compliment like ‘you’re looking great’ what have you done to lose weight?

People have said straight out to my face: With zero praise or compliment prior.

  • Stop losing weight
  • You’re too skinny
  • You look like a skinny athlete
  • You don’t eat
  • That’s why your skinny
  • Or some people say nothing at all (but trust me they notice)


It really hurts my feelings when people think it’s okay to tell me these things. Even when I was heavier certain people felt the need to always mention my weight. I have been made fun of so many times especially at wog family functions.

My mum cops it too. Mum is so skinny, she has unexplained weight loss. Mum is healthy, but people always have to say something. She too has always been skinny shamed.

I know this sounds bad, but it’s the bigger women who say things. And I hate when people say they are jealous, because there is nothing to be jealous about.

Sometimes I just want to say that’s why your fat cause your plate is over flowing with food, but I’m not a bully. I once said something to someone and to this day feel terrible. But sometimes when you are fed up of hearing the same thing all the time its gonna come out. Mum stood up for herself once and this woman never said it again. She admitted to an insecurity after it and that’s why she was taking it out on my poor mum.

I have even been told I need to wear shape wear to my face! That really hurt me, but just because I am skinnier now does not make it okay to pick on my weight. Its skinny shaming and its not ok.

I hope people can just worry about what’s on their plates and not mine… lol just saying.

In saying that I have had so many wonderful emails, inboxes and comments of praise on how much I am losing, genuine kind words and you have all made the negative side of losing weight a positive one- so thank you.

People need to realise, I have had to deal with my dad having cancer, I have come off heavy medication, I suffer from mental health issues and the last few kilos I have lost I have not even tried to lose. Like mum explained it, I am very stressed out at the moment. So, if I am looking a little skinnier then usual please just be kind and mindful with your words.

Now that that’s out of the way, Let’s do this!

The before and after pics of my weight loss journey will be up on my next post!! EEEK!!!

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell

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