Decluttering Before The House Move

Time for move number 8. Who moves 8 times in almost a decade? I do. 

The word ‘moving’ does not scare me anymore. I am now a moving pro. Defeated, but a pro none the less. Why so many moves you all ask? Ah, it’s one complicated life I live and that is a story for another time. I look forward to my forever home.

For now, it’s time to give you 1 blogger tip and 5 move tips I stick to when moving.  I know these tips will help you with your next move.

Don’t leave it till last minute: 

Start with one room and pack as much as you can prior to your move. There is going to be Items you’re not using or won’t need until you reach your next place so pack these first. I have started with my laundry as it’s the smallest room in my current house.

Make some cash pre-move: 

As you are packing you will come across items you know you don’t use. Take a photo and upload it to Facebook, Marketplace & Gumtree. Be realistic with prices. If you don’t use it, let it go. I have things for sale and if they don’t sell by the week before I leave I will donate it to the Salvos or Brotherhood of St Laurence. They are my local charity stores.


Every woman’s worst nightmare. I have disposed most of my clothing and shoes. It feels so good! My style has changed since I’ve lost weight and there is no point holding on to clothes that don’t fit. I have donated a large amount of my wardrobe to the above charities and sold a few more of the valuable items. My wardrobe, now, looks a little depressing but in saying that its’s been so much fun adding to it. I don’t want a wardrobe full of clothing or shoes that are not going to be useful. Less is more when it comes to my wardrobe.

Zip lock bags: 

Your new best friend; zip lock bags. I use these not only when moving but also when I am traveling. I like to put my jewellery in them to avoid items getting tangled. I also put my make-up in zip lock bags, so things don’t get dirty. I can be a little OCD at times. Zip lock bags are also great for wires, keys, spoons, batteries and any small items! This will save time when unpacking. You can buy a bulk bag from Coles, these I have tried for only $1.77.

Thank me later.

Invest in quality boxes: 

So, over the last few years I have had some horror stories with boxes and have spent hours taping down boxes, only for it to all fall out on the bottom. Quality of boxes make all the difference when moving. Hire a Box are great for the simple fact you can hire or buy boxes. Genius if you ask me.

Hire a box have everything you need. Pens, tape, paper, bubble wrap and a large assortment of boxes, they even have a bed and sofa protector. My favourite item from Hire a Box would have to be the porta-robe. Rather than folding your wardrobe you can hang it, how good is that? Simply move into your new space and hang your wardrobe!

Image via Hire A Mover

Blogger problems:

Well maybe not everyone can relate to this one, but as I have been blogging since 2015 I have been very fortunate to receive lots of blogger mail. I have beauty and skincare products everywhere. There is only so much I can get through. I have gifted my friends and family members products that I know they are going to love along with a few makeup artists I have built relationships with on Instagram. I feel like Oprah Winfrey. Now I don’t have four rooms with scattered products in every draw. I only have one make up bag of products and a tray of skincare.

So, there you have it. Wish me luck with the move and if you have any moving tips you would like to share leave a comment below.

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This article was written in collaboration with box hire and packaging supply company – Hire A Box  & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.

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