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After seeing my stunning friend Anna aka @misannabell share her story on Jasmine Alexa ‘This Is Me’ campaign, I thought I would share a bit of my story with you all. I won’t lie. I had three or more attempts at filling out the questionnaire and never hit send. Which is strange as I am so vocal about my journey with mental health. But if I am perfectly honest, sometimes putting it all into words can be a struggle in itself.

The “this is me “campaign was started by Jasmine Gescheit who founded and designed Jasmine Alexa, a fashion and lifestyle brand which also created a wonderful initiative for women to share their stories around mental illness and life in general. A safe and open space for us women to just talk. I don’t know Jasmine, nor have I ever meet her, but she sounds like such a lovely and caring woman and I think “THIS IS ME” Is a wonderful thing to be apart off. So, yes, I finally ended up hitting send.

If you would like to check out my interview along with a bunch of other brave ass women visit This Is Me here

This Is Me tees are available for purchase with all proceeds being donated to

Don’t be afraid to share your story.

And if you’re wondering, I have not been paid to promote this, I simply did it on my own terms and made a small donation to Headspace.

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell

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  1. I have always thought authenticity was the path to happiness and success. That means owning your story and seeing all your life experiences as valuable. Thanks for sharing about the This Is Me campaign!

  2. This is a campaign I need to check out! Being that it’s hard to put in words who I am it’s better on paper or on computer because not everyone wants to know who we really are

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