Part 4: Food

Welcome ladies to part 4 on my weight loss journey. What have I been eating?

Below I have a breakdown of my average day, plus a little extra on takeaway and drinks.

Breaky:  Fermented milk drink, most of you will know this as Yakult. I just buy the Coles brand as it’s a lot cheaper. Followed by one and half full cream lattes at work (no sugar).

Lunch: I don’t eat lunch at work. Never used to eat lunch at school so it stuck with me throughout my work days. I prefer to snack.

Snacks: Almonds are my go-to.

Dinner: We don’t really cook a lot in this household. It’s so time consuming after work and we’re not the kind of couple to plan meals ahead as we both go to our parents once a week. Some nights I am at an event and Mem is out which makes it a little hard to plan meals.

We tend to go out for dinner once a week or get pizza, but if we do cook it’s usually:

  • Steak or cutlets with salad, potatoes and a side of bread. Mem will have his steak in a pan with butter or oil whilst I will marinate mine and add a little oil to cook on the George Foreman grill (I still eat potatoes and bread).
  • Stir-fry (easy, quick, kinda healthy) not satisfying for the man though.
  • Spaghetti bolognaise, Sunday night is pasta night! Yep we love pasta. It’s the one night a week we look forward to and often compete on who makes a better sauce. I now have less cheese and try to avoid the garlic bread. I have also used pasta alternatives like Slendier calorie clever spaghetti which is only 10 calories. Try the basil Italian pasta sauce. It’s so good.

Late night snack: ICE CREAM I eat ice cream everyday lol

Take out & eating out: 

I have not had Maccas or KFC in over 8 months and I do not miss it. I don’t plan on eating it ever again. SUCH a bold statement but I don’t want to put that kind of fast food into my body.

I still eat Nando’s, I get a salad with grilled chicken, no cheese and a side of corn or sweet potatoes fries. If I go to Grill’d I will get a veggie burger, or meat patty with a low card bun, no mayo.

Pizza! My beloved pizza. I still eat it at least once every two weeks, but rather then ordering a large I will get a small with no cheese. My go to is mushroom and olive pizza. And I still love garlic bread but try not to order it as much.

If I am going to a restaurant I choose a healthier option, or I will have a pasta or main of choice but skip on dessert. If I have an event I will eat prior, so I don’t indulge in anything I may regret.

Tip: Order entrée size portions when eating out.

Drinks: I was a big alcohol drinker. Especially when I first moved out of home with Mem. I would get home and pour a glass of wine with dinner followed by snacks on the couch. Weekends were drinking all day and night. Events, there was no way I would drive to an event. There is normally a free tab which I would drink dry. Yep. Big drinker. Now, I barely drink. I’ve shocked all my friends, family and partner, Including myself.

When it comes to events now, I often drive and will have half a glass of a red or champagne. I can’t stand rosé or white wine anymore. The smell makes me wanna vomit, nope not pregnant people.

Don’t get me wrong I still love to go out and let loose once in a while, like for a wedding or birthday but I drink slower.

I love sparkling water and water in general and prefer it over a wine at dinner. I know who am I?

New obsession: Probiotics drinks! LOVE kombucha so much I am going to be writing a post about the benefits of kombucha, it has really helped with my bloating.

I highly recommend checking out Perkii Probiotics, Rok Kombucha and Remedy Kombucha.

So, there you have it, nothing too hard. I have not gone on any fad diet. I simply said from the start I would listen to my body but cut out foods like biscuits, chocolate and chips out. I know this sounds cliché, but I rather eat foods that make me feel better about myself, like fruit. I also enjoy crackers with hummus at times. I’m a little boring in the food department and some may think I am depriving myself, but I have enjoyed all the bad foods this world has to offer for 29 years.

I’m not into calorie counting or any of that kind of stuff, it really is a part of life for me now. To ensure I am strong and healthy I had a blood test which showed I am not lacking any vitamins. Everything was all clear for my body. So, I am doing something right.

Disclaimer – This is by no means a new diet or advice on how people should eat. This is just what has worked for me and my body. It might sound strange but if you listen to your body hard enough, it will tell you what it needs. Its always good to seek professional advice before trying new ways of eating.

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell 


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  1. I love that you’ve just cut back and made small changes, as opposed to going on a fad diet. So glad to hear its working for you! You should totally try the Crust low carb pizza- so good!

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