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Sure it’s not what you would expect from a blogger right? But ever since watching Khloe Kardashians KHLO-C-D: Pantry Edition video on YouTube, I have been obsessed with pantry organisation.

If you haven’t seen it watch it here

These pics were taken in April of my “temporary” pantry. And yes, it’s still a chaotic mess if you’re wondering.

I was so inspired after watching Khloe’s vid that I could not wait to start this project. But I got lazy. I did try. I invested in some containers that I loved from Kmart and then they discontinued them. Then I found some really stunning jars (just the woggy style clip lid glass ones) but they had a wooden lid! So CUTE but they washed really bad..

So, I gave up.

But for good reason as we are moving to my partners property and the pantry there is tiny. So, there’s no point purchasing a bunch of items when I am going to downsize anyway.

I have since found some jars & storage options for the next house and I have packed them away. Right now, I am in the process of chucking everything that’s either past its due date away or I am donating miss matched dinnerware to the Salvos.

Being a wog, if you don’t have a pantry that’s over flowing, people will think you can’t afford to eat (true story). But for me I’d rather just buy what I need, stock up with what’s on sale and have a pantry that’s functional and insta-worthy. Which right now it’s clearly not.

I look forward to sharing my new miniature pantry with you all in the coming months. Don’t hold your breath though, it will probably be next year haha. But I will update you all on my Instagram stories, so stay tuned!

Check out some pantry inspo I am loving below:

How is your pantry looking at the moment? Would love to know your thoughts?

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell / Photographer: Eleisha, check out her work here ladies

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  1. I love those pics. I recently done mine, it really makes a massive difference I love it. Can’t wait to see yours

  2. My mother just visited us and re-organised my pantry. She bought little tubs and jars for everything and my pantry is so much better for it! Definitely something we all need to do haha.

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