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I was going to write a blog post on shampoos I have used in the past and what I am currently using now, but I really wanted a detailed post on what I am using for blogger worthy hair. So, I know I said shorter post’s but let’s make an exception for this one.

Hair is hard work! I have been dying my hair since I was 15 and seen many hairdressers with zero idea on what they’re doing. Once I had the big chop last August I new I had to look after my hair and invest in products I could trust.

I finally found a hairdresser I could trust and now only straighten my hair once a week, or when I have an event. I have chucked out all my hair products I know longer use and have started fresh by finding a company who really cares about hair. I have never received so many compliments on my hair and It all comes down to a good shampoo & conditioner.

Let me introduce to you V&M lifestyle with an interview from #girlboss Victoria Maude.

The humble beginning. How V&M story started? 

The V&M Journey began back in 2008, growing up on the East Coast of Australia we spent our holidays on the farm at our grandparents in Tasmania, so we were always surrounded by the beauty Australia had to offer. I had been in the industry for 15 years at that stage and we thought it was a perfect time to create our luxury products with naturally derived, organic and Australian ingredients, made here in Australia.

Tell us about the V&M range? 

The first product we made was TREATMENT CONDITIONER. A luscious spa style mask that works instantly, helps to hydrate the hair and smooth frizz. It is incredibly lightweight – with Silk, Lilly Pilly, Green Tea and Kakadu Plum. This conditioner is just divine and is suitable for all hair types.

Next, we made HYDRATING SHAMPOO. A beautifully hydrating but lightweight shampoo, perfect for hair that feels a little dry and needs gloss and shine. It was really important that this product was also lightweight and super hydrating – with Green Tea, Kakadu Plum and Olive Leaf.

We then created BALANCING SHAMPOO to help balance the hair from pollution, dry shampoo and chlorine which is also great for baby fine hair – with Tasmanian Lavender, Rose and Kakadu Plum.

Our newest edition LAVENDER BATH MILK had been in the works for some time, I am so excited this product is now available. Fill the bath with warm water and scoop 2 table spoons of Lavender Bath Milk into the tub. The milk helps to breakdown dead skins cells and by gently rubbing the lavender flower into the skin you are gently exfoliating and releasing more lavender oils.

We will be introducing a leave in conditioner and body-wash soon.

With so many shampoo and conditioner options on the market what sets V&M apart from the rest? 

We love to keep things beautiful, simple and functional. With literally hundreds of products on the market we have focussed on the biggest problems women face with their hair and created a range incorporating naturally derived and organic ingredients from plants and flowers growing in Australia. We have stayed away from nasty sulphates and focused on using ingredients that are safe and deliver incredible results. Australia’s leading wig retailer specialising in Russian virgin hair, only sell our products as they are the only range of products on the market that help keep the hair hydrated which helps prevent the hair from splitting. That says a lot about our products.

What is the difference between the balancing shampoo and hydrating shampoo?

We recommend using Balancing Shampoo as the first shampoo to prep the hair, followed by Hydrating Shampoo.

If you have baby fine hair, you might find Balancing Shampoo perfect on its own, occasionally using Hydrating Shampoo in the winter months if the scalp is getting a little dry and flaky.

A great trick for swimmers is to apply Balancing Shampoo to DRY HAIR, rinse in the shower then repeat when the hair is wet to remove chlorine build-up, my clients swear by this.

Hydrating shampoo is light weight though it pumps the hair and scalp with moisture. It is important in keeping the scalp hydrated and nourished to help healthy hair growth. If you have frizzy hair this will be your best friend.

For really coarse hair, I would use Hydrating Shampoo on its own, shampooing the hair twice. For everyone else I would always recommend shampooing the hair with Balancing Shampoo then Hydrating Shampoo followed by Treatment Conditioner.

I have been told to shampoo my hair twice before applying conditioner, would you recommend this?

Absolutely! There can be so much pollution in the air and with dry-shampoo such a staple, it is the only way to prepare the hair for conditioner. People who find their hair getting greasy and oily quickly, I find don’t wash their hair twice and are using the wrong shampoo for their hair type.

I personally wash my hair once with Balancing Shampoo which helps to break down the pollution, dry shampoo and chlorine when I swim. I then use Hydrating Shampoo to hydrate my hair which can at times be a little frizzy. I then section my hair into roughly 4 sections and apply small amounts of Treatment Conditioner to each section. I then massage the product into my hair, then onto my scalp which is so important for a healthy scalp.

I find when people don’t condition and hydrate the roots, the scalp can become dry which the body will then naturally try to hydrate by producing more oils.

You will also find the hair stays cleaner for longer when you wash the hair properly, which means you wash your hair less and have more time for fun things!

Well there you have it, the way to blogger worthy hair and compliments for days, I promise you. I can honestly say my hair has never been heathier! If you love your hair or think its time to give your hair some self-love like I did, then I highly recommend you check out V&M hair here.

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This post was sponsored by V&M Lifestyle

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell / Featured Image: Eleisha, check out her work here ladies

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