Part 3: Exercise

Welcome ladies to part 3 on my weight loss journey, let’s find out how I’m keeping the weight off. Thank you to each and every one of my followers and friends for reaching out to me. I really appreciate you all reading my post and appreciate each and every inbox you send me and the kind words.

So how am I’m keeping the weight off you ask? Well, its simple choices I make that have made a massive difference to my weight. I thought I would break it up below and keep it simple over the next few and final posts on my weight loss journey.


I may not be a personal trainer, but I now know what works for my body.

The gym is not for me. I am not into personal trainers who make me do a million squats and burpees and I am not into weights. A little of those exercises really make my body heavier. Yes, you bulk then tone out and look slimmer, but it doesn’t work for my shape and it’s not something I am ever going to take part in again.

The only exercise I currently take part in is walking.

I love to walk as it’s FREE!

I can go when I want, before work, on my lunch break or after work. It’s also been really good for my mental health. If I don’t get a 30-minute walk in each day I get shitty. True story.

When it rains I try and walk around the office more. If you work in an office environment like me, try these tips:

1. Print your documents to a printer that is further away than arm’s length.

2. Park your car a little further from the entrance (If you drive into work)

3. The stairs are your best friend at work. Take the stairs rather than the lift.

I love to walk with my mum or bestie or my fiancé at night (as it’s dark and I need my protector) YES, it’s winter but don’t make excuses, rug up and you’ll be warm in 10 minutes.

Walking essentials

  • Sunscreen. I am trying to get into the habit of wearing sunscreen every day, my go to is Hamilton
  • If you get wind burn like me (ouch) make sure your lips have some intensive repair on them. I am currently using Blistex Intensive repair
  • A selection of tunes. I like to update my Spotify every few weeks
  • Headphones. I can’t live without my Audiofly AF33 wireless in ear headphones. Love that they are sweat resistant
  • I recently downloaded Map My Walk, an app that keeps track on calories burnt and distance. This helps to keep me motivated
  • Cute activewear (Something I need to invest in)

I recently took part in a few sessions of reformer and barre sculpt as my local studio had a great deal on. I really enjoyed it and felt my core really tighten! Who doesn’t love a tight core? I literally could not walk for days which I loved!

Tip if you too can’t afford it like me: Keep an eye out for specials or bulk packs!

Future exercise goal

I plan on toning more over the next 12 months, that really is my long-term goal and I think reformer weekly (when I get some cash to spare or a deal comes up, it’s something) I would like to add into my exercise regime. I also plan on taking part in some challenges, you can just grab off Google a 30 day sit up challenge. I did take part in one in the past and they are great!

So, there you have it! That is all I do!

What exercises do you take part in to keep the weight off? Stay tuned to find out all about what foods I have been eating to keep the weight off!

Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell / Image provided via Audiofly

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