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I recently did a little survey with my audience via my Instagram story. Majority of you voted less content and more on the Instagram feed! A few of you also mentioned that my content is a little long in length. Can’t help but have a lot to say ha-ha. I do agree with you all though reading so much content can be a little bore at times. 

I think written content is not going anywhere any time soon… in saying that, I think people prefer Instagram content and videos? I personally do. I actually am struggling to put words to keyboard and have found even with all the craziness going on in my life *stress about my dad’s health* I am just losing motivation, but I know I have commitments with clients and I love what I do and am very grateful, but I also am loving not spending all weekends and my time after work writing. I am probably just going through writers block once again?

For this post I thought I would put together a quick mini review of a few of my new fav things that I am loving and that I have trialled during July.

Fav candle: I recently hosted a Bastille Day breaky and each guest got a beautiful candle from Abode Aroma including me! YAY. I am obsessed with candles, one of the first things I do when I get home is light a candle. It’s so calming. I also received a beautiful diffuser from Abode Aroma which I placed in our guest bathroom and we constantly get compliments on how great it smells. My partner was so impressed by the pink frangipani scent and how real is smelt.

Please note: As I am a terrible housewife the screw cap on the diffuser is not where it should be ha-ha.  For more information on Abode Aroma check out the website here

Fav bag: I was sent a backpack a while ago and completely forgot about it, then I wore it out and everyone including myself loved it!  This stunning Max backpack is from Sash & Belle made from high quality leather. Retails at $154.95 a little high in price you may all be thinking. But its definitely a small price to pay for an investment bag you can wear daily or on your next trip overseas. Backpacks are making a huge comeback. Shop my backpack here

Fav sneakers: Everyone is wearing white sneakers. But not everyone is wearing sparkly white sneakers. More on my new love found for sparkles later but the stardust sneakers by Holster Fashion are #extraasf*ck they have been sitting pretty in my room as I have been too scared to make them dirty, but it’s time to enjoy these bad girls. Twin with me shop the Aries Glitter Sneaker here

Fav YouTuber: So, I was pretty depressed in bed a few weeks ago and I spent my entire Saturday in bed sleeping, only getting up to pee. I decided to watch some reviews on @hellofreshau as I was waiting on a box to review myself and this woman by the name of Amber Scholl came up, I could not stop watching her! She made me laugh out loud literally. Her personality and energy are next level. She made me cry. She made me smile. No YouTuber has ever had the effect on me. Watching her YouTube really got me out of a dark place that day. If you love DIY, broke bitch tips, please check out her YouTube. Watch this video first… grab the tissues if your emotional like me. OH and I now have a new found love for sparkling things and Post Malone.. I blame you Amber.

I hope you enjoy my shorter content. I appreciate all feedback and will try and cater to you all ha ha!



Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell / Photographer: Eleisha, check out her work here ladies

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