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Hi, my name is Zerin and I don’t make my bed daily. Please tell me I’m not alone?  Truth of the matter is my mama has been on bed duties since I was born. When I lived with my parents my mama always did my bed, so I kinda woke up and got on with my day. Whether I was in school or a grown woman going to work I always came home to a beautifully made bed. 

Then I moved out around a year or so ago and guess what? I still don’t make my bed.

My reasons (excuses)

  • I am not a morning person
  • Mem is still in the bed when I leave to work
  • I don’t see the point of making a bed when you’re just going to jump right back into it again
  • Our bedroom is upstairs so even on weekends if guest come over they won’t see our bed and I just shut the door

So, who does our bed your all thinking? The in house help duh.. I wish!

I make the bed when the sheets need a wash that’s when…… when I say we, I mean Mem does most of it! I just:

  • Spend majority of the time winging about why I hate making the bed
  • Complain that I can’t do it
  • Putting that thing (I have no idea what that is called ladies) the cover of the top blanket thing? The thing the duvet goes in? You know that thing…  It’s a workout and a battle I don’t need in my life

When my mama comes over she always offers to do our bed and I do the ”na don’t worry about it dance” but she does it anyways. She is the best!

During the week, I walk right past the bed avoiding all eye contact with it whilst Mem at least makes the duvet all neat. Isn’t he a keeper ladies? I do get the occasional ‘ you could do the beds sometimes’ he gets a kind of, “I could LOL” in return.

When I see beautiful put together beds on my Instagram feed or Pinterest I really admire the beauty staring back at me, but it’s way too hard for me lol. Like, how do they get the cushions so pretty? Like catalogue material! Share your tips if your bed is beautifully made each day because I bloody can’t do it.

Here is a rare picture of our beds done.

Choosing bedding is another level all together next to how to lay the cushions! That’s why I make it easy and use Just Bedding to get my quilt cover sets. When it comes to bedding I like neutral colours with minimal prints on them. Just Bedding has one of the largest ranges of bedding all located in one place! Love I don’t need to leave the house for what goes on something I hate making LOL. They also have very good price ranges and a clearance section! One of my favourite parts is they offer FREE SHIPPING and 30 day returns!

I have the Essex Stone Quilt Cover Set by Logan & Mason. Shop here

I am the first to admit there is nothing better than getting into a bed that’s freshly made with a quality bed set. Shop my set here.

Disclaimer: My mum made the bed haha.

For more information visit Just Bedding here

This post was brought to you by Just Bedding 



Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell / Photographer: Eleisha, check out her work here ladies



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  1. Hehe! I’m very similar. The reason I have a quilt and no top sheet is because it makes it so much easier to make. Just fluff up and straighten the quilt. Plus I refuse to have 10 million billion cushions to make my bed look pretty which would only end up on the ground when we slept.

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