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Who doesn’t love a fresh muffin? I sure do especially fresh out of the oven. I have googled countless amounts of recipes but I always go back to a trusty muffin mix from my local super market. Yep I am a gen y or millennial who can really keep up anymore? I want it all ready to go and just pick up a box and use what I already have in my fridge or pantry. Who’s with me?

I am hear to share with you the best cheaters guide to the most delicious apple cinnamon muffins that I am sure your all going to love.

What you need

  • Betty Crocker apple cinnamon gluten free muffin mix (any apply muffin, cake mix will work)
  • 2 Modi Apples
  • Cinnamon sugar

Please note: I will be using steps as per my instructions on my Betty Crocker mix. Depending on what cake/muffin mix you use will obviously be different.


Step 1: Preheat over as per instructions on your muffin mix

Step 2: Stir muffin mix, water, eggs, vegetable oil until combined

Step 3 (Cheaters tip) rather then using the included apple & cinnamon fruit sachet I simple peeled 2 Modi Apples and grated them into a bowl and added 1 tbsp on cinnamon sugar. Stir through and add to your mix and give it another mix

Step 3: Spoon your batter into muffin pans (Cheaters tip) Use an ice cream scoop for even scoops everytime!

Step 4: Say a little prey they won’t burn

Step 5: Bake for 15-20 mins

Step 6: Cool for 10 mins on a wire rack, take a million insta worthly pics

Step 7: DIG IN

That easy you got yourself some delicious apple cinnamon muffins that are sure to please.

This post was sponsored by Modi Apples 


Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell / Photographer: Eleisha, check out her work here ladies

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