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Over the last few weeks I have tried to sit down and write this post, but I just end up deleting it and attending to other things.  It’s not the easiest of content to write or relive. How does one write about there dads diagnoses of Cancer? There I said it.  

When I found out about my dad. I felt anger, shock and my heart broke and my mind went into overdrive.


Not now!

Is he going to die?

Is he going to lose his hair?

Why didn’t he stop smoking?

I’m not ready to say goodbye..

These thoughts went through my mind over and over again.

It’s hard not to think the worst when your told of a Cancer diagnoses. Especially a diagnosis of a loved one.

The day I found out about my dads diagnoses life changed. Those that know me well would know my dad and I had only just started being in each other’s life again. I finally had everything I ever wanted. Why was the universe being so cruel? Why my dad? Why anyone’s dad?

After the diagnosis my dad had to go through 6 weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat his Cancer, along with a bunch of other appointments and a shit load of medication. With a few scares along the way that set us reeling with fear of the unknown, I just didn’t know if he would pull through. Every time I would see my phone ring with dads or the hospital’s number I would try and prepare myself for the worst.

Surprisingly for some, with my love of blogging and parts of my life being in the public eye, I didn’t want many people knowing about my dad’s diagnoses. The feeling of people taking pity on me or the people suddenly caring about me because my dad’s sick made me feel uncomfortable and to be honest I just was not ready to share my pain yet. People that new would check up on me but I found it emotionally exhausting to be asked how my dad was going all the time. I know they meant no harm, but he has Cancer and could die what more can one say?

Yet here I am sharing it with the world asking for your help. With my dad’s diagnosis I felt lost and helpless. I wanted to do all that I could to help. So, when I received an email from Run Melbourne asking for individuals to apply to be a champion runner for Cancer Council Victoria. I knew that was one way I could help not only my dad but all the people who had experienced the pain, anguish and fear cancer causes a family.

I decided to apply, and I was accepted to be a champion runner with a goal of raising $1000. I guess you could say I am apart of the Run Melbourne family as I have raised over $10,000 for various charitable organisations.

Cancer hadn’t stopped with just my dad in our family either, my nephew was diagnosed with Leukeamia a few years back and I created a team called team Aydin. We took part in more then one event in hopes to raise funds to find a cause and a cure. Check out some pics via my everyday hero page here.

With the experience of my nephews fight with cancer and now my dads the Cancer Council became close to my heart. Seeing what they had to go through along with every Cancer survivor made me want to give whatever I could back. They inspired me! Their strength, determination and hope. I salute you all.

Sharing my journey through supporting my family along the path to fight cancer, I have heard many others have had similar experiences. We connect as people not through the pain and the sorrow but through the love and hope and support of the survivors and in continuous fight for the ones that didn’t. In saying all this, I would love your help. I would love for you all to help fight the battle against cancer by donating to my everyday hero account and help me reach the goal of $1000 for Cancer Council Victoria, or if taking part is more your jam, why not join my team.

I will be taking part in the 5k run (don’t worry you can walk too). It’s a beautiful morning full of energy and emotion. I love seeing everyone unite for a great cause for the Cancer Council Victoria.

I am sorry I can’t go into detail about how the last 5 months have been for me. It’s been a struggle to get up each morning, go to work, run a blog, be a daughter, aunty, friend, fiancé and be strong for my dad and family. Some days it’s easy to talk about it other days it’s hard. I can’t help but think how long do we all have with him? But I guess that doesn’t just apply to those who have Cancer. Life can be short, cruel and unfair.

My dad has been so strong and I asked him to fight this cancer. But for the first time ever I saw my dad scared and it broke my heart. No one deserves this. The universe and god answered my prays as his Cancer hadn’t spread and it shrunk. A result we are all so happy about. All his fighting and strength it had paid off.

Every appointment he goes to moving forward I still can’t help but stress we will hear some devasting news. Cancer or no Cancer diagnoses, your loved one or you can be taken away at any moment, so be kind, Love, Forgive and have hope. Try to have fun too, because life is just way to short!

If you would like to make a donation please visit my everyday hero page:


“An individual doesn’t get cancer, a family does.” — Terry Tempest Williams

Thank you for fighting baba I love you x

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  1. What a beautiful post babe! So proud of you all and how strong you have all been!! so so happy for your dad, he is such a lovely, happy man and my second daddy 🙊 Can’t wait for our date xx

    1. Thank you! Seems like only yesterday I picked you up and told you my dad has Cancer. He can’t wait either. Like seriously lol.

      How’s Jess?
      How come we don’t see Jess anymore?

  2. What a great post. You are a strong lady, I’m so happy you are doing this, such a great cause! Will donate x
    You are a great daughter and I’m so glad your dad is ok. Family is everything.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. Your dad is looking well in the last photo, and hopefully on the road the recovery. Sending lots of love x

  4. A tough one for you to write, I’m sure. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January and I can’t speak about it at all. It’s a daily struggle for me to cope with the inevitable and to watch her suffer. Good on you for doing something positive. I’ll pop over when I get paid and make a donation.

  5. I can only imagine how hard this was for you to write. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January and it has been a daily struggle to deal with the inevitable but also to watch her suffer through chemo and radiotherapy knowing it wont do much more than give her a little more time with us. Good on you for doing something so positive. I’ll donate on pay day.

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