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Welcome to my first à la maison post on zerinhassan.com. I am sure you have all heard of the term ”man cave”? But let’s forget the man cave for a minute and let’s talk women cave.

I think every lady, girl and women should have one. Why shouldn’t we have a room to ourselves? We deserve it. Who’s with me?

You probably have taken over your other half’s bathroom space, wardrobe, perhaps even car space, that aside, us women need a space where we can retreat to, just like men do.

As I am in the process of moving AGAIN it’s gonna be a little while till I have my dream women cave.

My women cave or boudoir as I like to call it, is a room I love to visit where I can have some me time and get my head in order. Besides the bubble wrap, mail boxes and floor robe it’s a space I have created that has over a years worth of memories.

Every women needs a boudoir I say, and every boudoir needs some of your very own essentials.

My current women cave essentials are:

Mirrors – Being a blogger, I need a killer mirror for selfies (mine isn’t fancy) it was $39 and from Kmart, but essential for my blogging job.

Your women cave should have personality, as much as I love to keep it classy I also want my room to be ME and a little fun. An example of mine is this awesome candle (check it out here), everyone who has seen it says that is such a Zee thing. It should be in my Z room!

Music – Another essential is tunes and to bring those tunes to life I use the: Edifier MP202 DUO portable speaker. It’s a must have! Not only is it small and cute, it comes in 1 of 2 colours, (I love the pink ones) It plays all your fav tunes and answers your calls for you. Completely wireless and Bluetooth operational.

There are two individual speakers in a pack and highly portable, complete with a lanyard to wear them around your neck and carry through your boudoir or anywhere in your house really. Perfect for a wine and boogie session with your bestie!

Beauty – Next essentials are my beauty products: A little pamper session for one, you can’t get any better than that. Create a little beauty bar for yourself. I have all my fav lippies, nail polishes and fragrance to admire and use, all set up in one space.

Books –  I am obsessed with books, I am collecting so many designer books I just love the elegance that comes with them.

You too can have a women cave, even if it’s your spare bathroom that no one uses add a scented candle, a few books you intend on reading, a robe and fluffy slippers, get yourself if you don’t have one already an Edifier MP202 DUO portable speaker to play some calming music and just chill out.

Lock the door if you need that extra bit of privacy and there you have it your own private women cave, or what I like to call a boudoir!

What are your thoughts on women caves/boudoirs?

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  1. I would absolutely love a woman’s boudoir (it sounds so much better than a woman’s cave – lol!) ! And those speakers would be a perfect fit for it!

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