Part 2: Weight Loss

Welcome to part 2: weight loss. If you haven’t had the chance to check out part 1: weight gain, check it out here

So, lets pick up were we left off shall we. Before I get started with this post I just want to say that I am not promoting Duromine this is simply my experience on it.

If you google Duromine you’re going to find a bunch of articles. Ignore the internet for now I am not going to get all medical on your ass, but If you want to know the finer details please check out Healthdirect Australia for more information or speak to your doctor.

After my weight gain experience from part one and realising I needed help, I went and saw my doctor.  My doctor prescribed me Duromine for one month to see how I would go and let’s just say my Instagram DMs were filled in seconds. I am here to finally answer all your questions.

What is Duromine?

Basically, duromine is a tablet you take once a day which helps you reduce body weight. For me I would describe it more as an appetite suppressant.

I started taking duromine 30mg at the end of last year. I was going to wait until after Christmas and New Year’s, but I thought why wait? Just because it’s the silly season doesn’t mean I have a reason/excuse to eat and drink like crazy.

The first month on duromine I lost around 1kg a week which is healthy in any weight loss program you may take part in. After my first box I went to see my doctor again and he gave me another prescription and advised me to take it every second day rather then taking it every day.

On the weekends I skipped taking duromine so only took it three days a week which is why my prescription lasted me what seemed like the entire year.

Physical Side effects:

Every person I spoke to scared me about side effects. Thankfully I only had a few:

  • Dry mouth – I drink a lot of water so even though I was hydrated my mouth was dry.
  • Broken sleep: At the time I was on medication to help me sleep at night so occasional insomnia due to being on duromine may have kept me up but those who know me know I am up most of the night anyway.
  • Peaking: In the start my eye balls were peaking a little. I noticed on some days my eyeballs would be dilatated a little larger than usual.

Besides that, I have been lucky to not experience such severe side effects. Another side effect your supposed to have is all this extra energy… well the first month it made me super sleepy. Just goes to show you that everyone’s body is different.

Psychological side effects:

Being a blogger and putting my experiences out there on my platform has its advantages and disadvantages and I received backlash by telling the world I was trying out Duromine.

The number one question I am constantly being asked is How the FUCK did your doctor prescribe you duromine? In all honestly I went to my doctor and we discussed my concerns and health related problems and he prescribed it to me. Yet people think I am talking shit which hurt a little in the start but now I laugh at it. Do you honestly think a doctor will want to lose their medical licence because of me?

People made me feel very guilty. I felt guilty for getting something legally. Just because I didn’t look like what an overweight person should look like, people had to put there usual two cents in it. I am sure some people meant well and had my best interest at heart, but I am 29 years of age. This is my life and my choice. I am sick of hearing that I DON’T NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. I promise this is not directed at anyone, but this is my body and my journey, and I felt it be important to share this with you.

How much weight have I lost?

I have lost over 10kg.

What taking Duromine has done for me.

Taking duromine has really taught me self-control. I had no self-control when I was binging. Whilst taking duromine I haven’t had a binge all year and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. When I started duromine I told myself I am going to listen to my body if I am hungry I will eat. Being on duromine there were days where I wouldn’t eat the entire day at work and there were days where I would take my duromine and be so hungry within an hour of taking it. So again, everyone’s body is going to react different.

So, there you have it! I hope I answered all your questions. Again, this is my experience on duromine. I am not advising you to go on it but simply explaining to you my journey with it.

Please note this post is from my own personal experience and is not to be taken as advice. Always seek professional advice before starting any weight loss drug or diet to ensure this is right for you.

Stay tuned for part 3 of my weight loss journey and how I’m keeping the weight off.

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  1. You are such a amazing women both inside & out Hunni… Always here to support you on any journey you decide to take… 💛

  2. Hi there,

    I took Duromine for a few months. I think after a while you will notice more severe side effects. It becomes almost as though you are taking speed. You forget to eat, can’t sleep, get moody (because of the last two points), where you feel dizzy and may faint.

    Initially I only had the symptoms you first had. Then it almost becomes addictive. Fast weight loss. Why wouldn’t it? Then you start to feel anxiety and your mind loses control.

    I warn you to be very careful with long time use. It affected me very much. I was like you at the start, telling everyone to back off. Just be open to advice.

    1. Hi Hayley,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. How long were you on it for? I did the three month course and seemed okay besides what was listed. The toughest challenge is keeping it off now but I think I be okay! X Everyone’s experience is different I have heard a lot of people call it legal speed but I was the opposite. I know some people that take it and don’t loose weight. I am very thankful for it I know that sounds PATHETIC but it really helped with my binges and guilt eating.

  3. I was on Duromine for a year and l agree with what Hayley’s comment. At first it’s great but slowly the weight will creep back on and when l say slowly it’s because the losing part happens so fast. After a year l managed to keep the weight off being in my 30’s! I had four kids then and was really happy to be a size 10 mama but my moods were affecting my children and people around me in general so l stopped! I did manage to be in-between a size 10-12 for years but felt l always grabbed on to a packet of durimine every 5months or so to manage my weight for holidays or occasions! By 39 l fell pregnant with my 5th and relied on Duromine for my post baby weight, it didn’t work!! Nothing worked! I think age is a big factor you need to work harder in the long run it won’t work as easily! Duromine is addictive and the symptoms will creep up in time! Eventually it will stop being as effective too!
    I’ve now turned to healthier living choices, that sounds so cliche and l hate the actual term myself but in the long run at my age it’s the only thing that works! I workout at home daily for a good 15-20mins I use weights no cardio or machines! I do one PT Session a month which gives my body the shock it needs and use the exercises that my PT showed me throughout the week and ask for a new set every month because change of routine is important as u age!
    Duromine for me was a great fix I don’t regret it because l felt great at the time But l do regret the long term use of it! l wouldn’t recommend it if you want to keep the weight off just due to the people around you and how it effects them! l began to see it take power over me and that made me think if a drug can make me lose weight then l can do this without it! Took away it’s power did the same workouts and the same meals and the weight stayed off!

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